D7100 Accessories

The Nikon D7100 offers many optional products to improve function and usability of the camera. From wireless connectivity to an optional battery grip to double the capacity of your camera, these Nikon accessories are built with outstanding quality and durability.

2 thoughts on “D7100 Accessories

  1. David Ma

    I just purchased a D7100 and was wondering if I could use and external HD with it. Is there a way to connect an external USB hard drive to the camera and record video and photos to it directly?

  2. D7100 Admin Post author

    It will not work with a standard USB drive because neither the D7100 or the drive would act as host. You would need a special USB device able to act as host. You can record video via HDMI to an external recorder device. Or you could use USB cable to tether the camera to a computer or other device and control remotely. Or you could use a WiFi SD card or the WU-1a adapter with an external device.

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