Nikon Announces WR-1 Wireless Transceiver

Nikon WR-1 on D7100The Nikon WR-1 can be used to control multiple cameras to record still images, video or timelapse sequences. It operates on 15 channels in the 2.4GHz radio frequency. Its operating range of up to 394 feet can be extended further by tethering multiple WR-1 together. The transceiver can also control cameras connected to the Nikon WR-10 wireless trigger system.

Nikon WR1 on tripodThe WR-1 mounts to the camera hot shoe. Its pivoting mount allows it to stand upright or angle forward an angle from 0 to 90-degrees. It can control up to four groups of cameras, each capable of a different function. One function allows it to control a set of cameras connected with WR-10 wireless triggers for multi-shot animations simultaneously or synchronized release in “bullet time” or frozen time effects like in the film The Matrix. If the connected camera is also equipped with WR-1, you can adjust its settings (ISO, mode, shutter speed, aperture) from another WR-1-equipped camera. The D7100 supports the new WR-1.

The WR-1 will ship in March 2013 and will be priced at £649.99 in the UK. US pricing is not yet available.